Saturday, December 8, 2012

QIOS Accessory | Magneto BraceLace

Hi QIOS viewers! :)

How's your day? Any plan? Movies? Foodporn? Holiday? Dating? or shopping? 
Well, it's Saturday! Let's pleasure yourself with an awesome plan, okay? ;)

Our new accessory in the house, babeh!

Item: Magnetic Bracelet+Necklace
Item's Name: Magneto BraceLace (So, you've got exactly clear about the meaning, haven't you? *wink*)
Color: Metallic Black for the magnet beads, and metallic grey for beads.
Length: 97 cm 

Description: The special thing about this accessory is, it have magnet beads that allows you to wear as what you want to! Bracelet? Necklace? Or even as your waist/hip accessory!

Bagi mereka yang ada masalah tangan kecil ke (macam saya) atau ada masalah dengan length rantai atau gelang (macam saya.sobs!), jadi magnet ni memudahkan kamu untuk design sendiri. Wow!

So, what are you waiting for?
Grab this now!
Get this for only RM20.00! Free delivery!
It's a must have accessory by QIOS.

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