Friday, January 4, 2013

QIOS Products | QIOS Pulcher Qollection

It's New '2013' Year!
Still, don't forget on our previous collections on 2012!
Let's get through on our awesome products!

Item: Blouse Shirt with 'V' Collar
Item's Name: 'Surf the Green' V-Shirt
Color: Dark Green
Size: S/M
Price: RM15.00

Item: Magnet Accessory
Item's Name: Magneto BraceLace
Color: Metallic Black for magnet beads and metallic grey for beads
Length: 97 cm
Price: RM20.00

Item: Cardigan
Item's Name: Soft Blazer Cardigan
Material: Cotton+Polyester
Size: Fits up to M
Price: RM25.00

Now, let's get through to our QIOS Pulcher Qollection for November 2012!

Item: Long Necklace
Item's Name: Black Pearl Long Necklace
Color: Metallic Grey and Blue-Black Beads
Length: 90 cm
Price: RM25.00

Item: Painting/Art Decoration
Item's Name: 'Feel It' Painting
Type: Mix Media
Method: Acrylic on canvas and polish
Size: 14" x 18"
Theme: Loving couple
Price starts at RM110.00

Sultry Red Kebaya

Item: Kebaya
Item's Name: Sultry Red Kebaya
Color: Red
Size: 36 (burst 34-36, waist 28-30)
Price: RM50.00

Item: Bracelet
Item's Name: Light Pink Bracelets with Ribbon
Color: Light pink pearl beads and dark brown ribbon
Diameter: 8cm+
Description: 5 stretchable bracelets in 1 with different size of beads. Ribbon is exchangeable.
Price: RM20.00

Turquoise Collar Shirt 
Item: Short sleeve collar shirt
Item's Name: Turquoise Collar Shirt
Material: Soft Strong T-Shirt
Size: M
Color: Turquoise
Price: RM20.00

Item: Long Necklace
Item's Name: 'Fly to the Moon' Long Necklace
Color: Purple butterfly and white rounded charms
Length: 45 cm
Price: RM10.00

Item: T-shirt
Item's Name: Guitars' Essence T-Shirt
Color: Black with red, orange, yellow green and blue color of guitars printed
Size: Fits up to M 
Price: RM26.00

Item: Lady jeans pant
Item's Name: Green Mud Jeans
Color: Dark green mud+blue
Material: Soft Jeans
Price: RM18.00
Size: M /37

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Coming up! QIOS Accessories and several ladies apparel meeting you on this January 2013. Wait haa~
Happy shopping! Happy New Year! Happy always! May God bless us always.

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