Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Art and Design - 'Feel It' Painting for Auction/Sale


This is our first item to be sell. 
For art lovers, or someone who loves to decorate their space with a full of love painting/drawing inspired, this is what you looking for.

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'Feel It' Painting by NJ.
Love is an art where a thing that we can feel it but can't hold it by hand.
It came by itself with or without your permission.
This is what the artist of this art would like to tell and express it through the painting.

It started when someone captured a moment while walking, having a fresh air at highland. 
A simple moment. She looked at a couple, sitting on a bench, facing the beautiful view from top of highland.
A couple with a different race, different color of skin, different dialect, but, love locked them tight.
Having a conversation at early in the morning, while the sun is still trying to raise up.
Everything is transforming. Birds, dying tree, dry flowers - all been transforms through the eyes of the artist.
Love is in the air. And if love is like a magic dust, the couple could spread it through the wind. Let the world in love and peaceful.

This painting could be yours! 

Title: Feel It
Type: Mix Media.
Method: Acrylic on canvas and polish
Size: 14" x 18"

Officially Owned by Qios Blog.

Officially Owned by Qios Blog

Officially Owned by Qios Blog
Example of bedroom decoration.

Price starts from RM110.00

You may e-mail your particulars to info.qios@gmail.com.

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